Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Favorite find of 2011

In June of '11 I attended IMATS here in Pasadena. For those who don't know, IMATS is the International Makeup Artist Trade Show. Throughout the year, amazing cosmetics vendors travel the world displaying their products as well as presenting key note speakers who give classes and demonstrations on products and makeup looks. For someone who loves makeup and has a passion for art, this is such a cool experience to have! While I was there, I discovered several new cosmetic brands that I have never used of even heard of. One of those companies was Inglot. I had heard of them but never had the pleasure of experimenting with any of their products. Inglot is a company that was created over 25 years ago by a man named Wojtek Inglot. Their products are AMAZING and I can never emphasize that enough! The color pay off is incredible! Everything is extremely rich and pigmented and you definitely get more bang for your buck here. They have this amazing system called the Freedom System where you pick a palette size (from 2-40!) and you create your own personalized color palette. You can do this with shadows, blush, powder, and lips! For me it was an instant addiction. The eyeshadow freedom colors are only $5 and about twice the size of a MAC pan. One of my favorite products they offer are their matte gel liners. They come in an array of colors and they really pop! For $12 you can own one of their 20 colors they offer. I personally have 6 of them! If you are looking for a great eyeliner to put on the water line, this is your best option! Because the gel is matte, it really sticks. I will post individual reviews on my favorite products!


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