Friday, January 6, 2012


I started using Proactiv in October of 2011 because I get stress breakouts. I am constantly stressed out, whether it be over the smallest thing like not being able to find my Mickey Mouse lantern (true story) to something bigger like my cat being ill. When I am extremely stressed out, my immune system lowers causing my body to not be able to fight certain bacterias, including the bacteria which can cause blemishes. Truth be told, I got tired of spending $30-$100 every five weeks on my skin care regime so I decided to give Proactiv a try. For the items you get in your skin care routine, the price is so incredibly affordable! I went from spending $30-$100 every five weeks to only $50 every twelve weeks! Now for the product review. At first, this product made me break out HORRIBLY. I was so upset because I broke out in spots I have never had a pimple before and they weren't tiny pimples, they were painful ones! I called Proactiv up and spoke to one of their on call dermatologists. She informed me that because of the Benzoyl peroxide in the product, it causes all the gross bacteria and dirt to be pulled from the very pits of your pores to the surface causing initial breakouts. She told me it was totally normal, that it would eventually go away because once all the dirt and oil was pulled to the surface my skin would finally start to clear. Well she was definitely right! It took a while but my skin finally started to clear. It did more than clear though, my pores look smaller, my skin looks smoother, and when I have foundation on to cover my post acne scarring it looks like my skin is airbrushed. I still get the occasional pimple (like right now) but over all my skin feels and looks much better. I will probably use this product the rest of my life as long as it keeps on working! For anyone just starting to use this product, do not feel discouraged when your skin breaks out! It will get worse before it gets better, trust me!

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